[VPN] VPN over port 80

dgillett at deepforest.org dgillett at deepforest.org
Sun Nov 24 19:04:20 EST 2002

  Since the obvious purpose of running a VPN (or just about anything 
else besides HTTP, but especially encrypted traffic) over port 80 is 
to circumvent efforts to enforce a network owner's policies on 
acceptable use, your willingness to pay a premium for such a product 
*sounds* highly suspect.


On 24 Nov 2002, at 0:25, Olav wrote:

>  I encountered your comprehensive site about VPN's. I'm currently looking
> for tunnelmaster/tunnelbuilder, a vpn server/client that is able to route
> the VPN traffic over port 80 in a TCP protocol.
> However, this product is discontinued, and I'm not able to buy it anywhere.
> Can you give me advice to purchase this software. I'm willing to pay a lot
> for it.
>  If this is not possible, do you know whether there are other software
> packages that route a VPN over port 80 in TCP, instead of the normal
> 1723/1701 in GRE(protocol 47)?

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