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No dude...
I think that you might want to change your registry settings so that 
kerberos uses TCP
and not UDP. You might be getting fraged ESP packets a little sniff on 
the wire will show if so.
let your fingers do the walking and serch in the microsoft site for the 
hack as they call it.


Yang Lee wrote:

>Your situation did not sound like a VPN issue. It might be a Window domain
>issue. Basically VPN provide an encrypted network connection between your HO
>and MO. If you did not have problem accessing resource in MO from HO, then
>the VPN tunnel was setup properly.
>You may double-check the laptop (Is it running win95/win98 which is lacking
>strong networking functionality). Make sure it has the right window network
>setting (IP, PDC, WINS, DNS). Also remember that the domain trust is one-way
>only under window NT.
>Hope this help.
>-Yang Lee
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>I have been auditing your group for some time and have
>learned a fair amount by reading your emails. My
>situation probably has a simple answer but I have
>struggled to figure out the solution.
>I have set up a VPN tunnel from a Home Office to our
>small business office. There are two domains involved.
>The home office and main office servers are two
>different domains with a trust relationship defined.
>When at the home office and logged into the local HO
>domain I can see browse and access all resources from
>the HO and main office systems. When using a laptop
>which is a member of the office domain and accessing
>the HO LAN and internet from the HO I get the message
>stating "There are currently no logon servers
>available to service the logon request." This occurs
>regardless of whether I try to access the HO or office
>domain servers.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me
>know if you require additional information.
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