[vpn] Netscreen and dynamic IP

Glen Brittle britts at alexmo.com
Tue Jan 22 18:03:19 EST 2002


    I currently use a Netscreen N5 at work and I use Netscreen Remote at home with a Cable
connection.   I only turn up the vpn at home when I need to use it.

    It is one sided though.

Glen Brittle

Phil McGarr wrote:

> Franco,
> I recommend using No-Ip's free service at http://www.no-ip.com/ .
> cheers,
> Phil
> http://www.vpnlabs.org/
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> Subject: [vpn] Netscreen and dynamic IP
> Hi!
> I need to set up a VPN that uses ADSL/Cable in the remote sites.
> These ADSL/Cable services don't provide a fixed IP address. The IP address
> is dynamic.
> The central site has a fixed IP.
> I would like to use Netscreen hardware devices both in the central site and
> in the remote sites.
> Is it possible to configure the Netscreen 5xp to use dynamic addresses in
> the remote sites? Has anybody tried such a configuration?
> Saúdos,
> Xavo
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