[vpn] Fw: Advice of VPN behind DI-701

Moy Nahan moynahan at start.com.au
Fri Feb 22 16:43:41 EST 2002

Original message from: Tina Bird <tbird at precision-guesswork.com>
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>On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, Moy Nahan wrote:
>> Hi Tina
>> I try to create a VPN between two sites without success due to lack
>> knowledges of TCP/ip and VPN, could you pls give me some lead to
>> start.
>> My configuration:
>> Site1:
>> PC1(>DI701 Router(Wan port and LAN port
>> This site connected to the Internet OK, and ip is
>> from outside.
>> Site2:
>> PC2(>DI701 Router(Wan port and LAN
>> If I don't use the two Dlink DI-701's and connect those two PC's
>> directly to DSL line, in turn I can VPN from to
>> and everything works fine.
>> Once they are behind the router and having ip range of
>> then they are not seen from outside.
>> Tips from other VPN sites recommend that I must open some port eg:
>> 5050 or 8080 for them to talk.
>> My question is: what ip address I should give to VPN program from
>> those 2 PC eg: or, I've
>> both and neither worked.
>> Regards
>> John Tran
>> moynahan at start.com.au
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