[vpn] dangers of vpn to local network

Chad L Brewer clbrewer at us.ibm.com
Mon Feb 4 17:47:53 EST 2002


Without more knowledge of the VPN product that you are dealing with, and

knowing the protocols and OS's on both sides I can not say for sure

what your exact exposure is.What I can tell you is that with a VPN you are

creating an extension from a remote network to your network. This could

make you more vulnerable to "insider attacks" which could use the

established session to access resources on your local network. Most VPN

hijacking methods

are still considered theoretical, but some have been proven. One way to

limit your exposure is to install a personal firewall product such

as Zonealarm to detect connections that are accessing resources outside of

the machine with the established tunnel.


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If I have a network at home (behind a firewall) and someone gives me a vpn
client so that I can vpn to their network, what risks are posed to my
network at home?  If I connect with the vpn, can someone on the remote
network come through the vpn and access my machines (other than the one
with the vpn client)?  Thanks, Brian.

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