[vpn] Linksys VPN Router to Symantec Firewall VPN appliance

Georgina/Richard Burrell burrell at telus.net
Thu Apr 11 23:21:07 EDT 2002

Has anyone in the group had any experience in trying to get the Linksys
VPN router (BEFVP41) to talk to the Symantec VPN appliance?  I am trying
to get the Linksys which sits in one of our branch offices to create
tunnels with the Symantec box, but am having no luck getting
authenticated.  I thought the issue might be related to the fact that
the Symantec box uses decimal SPI's and encryption/authentication keys
and the Linksys uses only hexadecimal, but I translated the keys for the
Symantec box, but still can't get through.  Everything else in the
configuration checks out exactly as per the specs for each piece of
equipment.  Thanks.

Richard Burrell
Country Grocer
Victoria, BC  Canada

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