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The best thing here is to check with your Checkpoint support provider on
this one and also make sure you are running the latest SR client and FW SP.

<plug>If you are in Europe and don't have a support contract give me a
shout. I support Checkpoint and a load of other Security products

We use SR on a variety of platforms and with a variety of applications and
have not had any problems. If you restart outlook after 25 minutes does it
then fail shortly afterwards or does it "restart the clock"...? IE is it
outlook timing out or is it an OS or SR issue. 

Is the ISP forcing an IP address change...? Does this happen with all your
clients or just a small collection of PC's...? Have you tried a different
ISP (or just put it outside the FW)...?

Just a few little ideas...

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I have a client that is having timing out problems with Outlook
(configured for Exchange, not POP3) inside a SecuRemote tunnel.

They are using LMHosts files for name resolution.

If they click update on the SecuRemote software. The connection (Outlook
to Exchange will work fine) for 30-90 minutes and then hang.  We have to
kill Outlook and restart it.

This happens regardless of client (Win95/98/Win2000).

Any thoughts?




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