[vpn] L2TP

Neale Banks neale at lowendale.com.au
Tue Oct 30 19:52:46 EST 2001

On Sat, 27 Oct 2001 Burger-Petersaurach at t-online.de wrote:

> is there anywhere in the internet a guide how to setup an L2TP tunnel?
> There seem to be a lot of information concerning IPsec, but not for
> L2TP. 

There's always the RFCs (e.g. RFC2661) and the Internet-Drafts (e.g.
draft-ietf-l2tpext-security-08.txt, draft-ietf-l2tpext-l2tp-base-01.txt,
draft-ietf-l2tpext-l2tp-ppp-00.txt etc) - and of course any references
therein.  But, yes, they are sometimes more theoretical than practical.

> I looked around for a free implementation for Linux or *BSD and the only
> one seems to be at http://www.marko.net/l2tp/
> But the project seems to be inactive since 1998. Do you know something
> about it?

Yes: due to inactivity that codebase was forked.  There's now some
activity at http://sourceforge.net/projects/l2tpd


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