[vpn] RE: SecuRemote(VPN) and Outlook

Marius Banica mariusb at xor-t.com
Tue Oct 30 15:44:30 EST 2001

What media of connection are u using? Iam using DSL at the same conf and
it works fine
Client XP
Server Exchange 2k
Windows 2k pro.

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I have a client that is having timing out problems with Outlook
(configured for Exchange, not POP3) inside a SecuRemote tunnel.

They are using LMHosts files for name resolution.

If they click update on the SecuRemote software. The connection (Outlook
to Exchange will work fine) for 30-90 minutes and then hang.  We have to
kill Outlook and restart it.

This happens regardless of client (Win95/98/Win2000).

Any thoughts?




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