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The only "guides how to setup an L2TP tunnel" would be vendor-specific (that
I am aware of).

In the "wild", L2TP normally takes one of three forms:

* L2TP/IPSec, such as the M$ solution in Win2K and XP (and other vendors
interoperating with the native M$ client)

* Compulsory L2TP, such as offered by Network Service Providers (these
implementations are transparent from an end users perspective, and shouldn't
require "how-to" guides, except for the providers themselves)

* Voluntary L2TP, which requires a LAC client and LNS (how-to's should be
found with the vendor of the client and/or server)

Other, more generic, information on L2TP can be found at:







Of course, you can look at the RFCs and I-Ds as well.

And I am not familiar with the marko.net initiative.

I hope something in there is helpful.  Good luck,
Kent Dallas

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Hi folks,

is there anywhere in the internet a guide how to setup an L2TP tunnel?
There seem to be a lot of information concerning IPsec, but not for

I looked around for a free implementation for Linux or *BSD and the only
one seems to be at http://www.marko.net/l2tp/

But the project seems to be inactive since 1998. Do you know something
about it?

Thx in advance,

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