[vpn] VPN implementation

Thierry Blanchard thierry_b at ifrance.com
Thu Oct 25 01:09:27 EDT 2001

I have a main site with a file server (running NT4 Server) behind a firewall
and a remote site with Win98 clients behind a firewall and using NAT. I'd
like to give access to the file server to the remote site and I'm
investigating the different solutions and would like to know your advice.

My ideas are:
- Install VPN on both firewall to create a tunnel between the 2 sites.
- Install VPN on the file server and VPN client on all Win98. Then they
would have to launch the VPN connection each time they want to connect to
the file server.
- Can I install VPN on the file server and a VPN client on the firewall
located on the remote site. (not a good idea to me).
- I think I can't use IPsec because it's only Win98 clients. right ?
- What about SSH ?

Thanks for any idea you could have or any links you could point me to.


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