[vpn] VPN Research Paper

Sandy Harris sandy at storm.ca
Wed Oct 24 14:39:33 EDT 2001

Clint Redelfs wrote:
> I am doing a research paper for my college networking
> class and was hoping you could send me some
> information and/or diagrams about VPNs and how they
> work.
Have a look at some of the Open Source VPN software. 

The Linux FreeS/WAN implementation of IPsec has all its docs online at
www.freeswan.org. I'm a tad biased, since I wrote them, but I think they
should have most of what you need, and I hope they're understanable :-).

See openbsd.org, freebsd.org, netbsd.org and kame.net for other Open
Source IPsec. PoPToP is an Open Source PPTP client. vpnc.org (VPN
Consortiun) has a lot of info as well.

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