[vpn] Cisco 3000 VPN and W2K Pro

Michael Kelley MKelley at m-v-t.com
Tue Oct 23 23:28:30 EDT 2001

Has anyone gotten these two to play nice? I tried installing on a W2K
machine but it wouldn't even begion the install .... I've tried to find the
download from cisco .. but have only goten lost in the endless links of
non-understanding ... We have recently set up the Cisco AVVID system at my
work and the server side is up and running ... the little bit of
documentation I got (the readme files on the CD) didn't seem to support the
idea that Cisco VPN 3000 could run under W2K .... I'm heading to the
archives to see if I find anything but if you know (or have solved) ... help
would be appreciated ....


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