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AlanCB rage at dial.eunet.ch
Mon Oct 22 18:45:24 EDT 2001

Other than username/password and/or ipaddress, what other
more advanced authentication method could (should) I consider with NFS ?


On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Kurt Seifried wrote:

> > Thankyou for your response(s)
> > let me clarify the situation:
> >
> > In our network we have several hundred unix boxes all connected to our nfs
> > server. These boxes are ours of course, only the sysadmins are root. No
> > box is behind a firewall or in a vpn, all have a publicly assigned ip.
> > Being a university, we have assistants, professors and doctorates who
> > bring in their own laptops and need a net connection. Now I'm sure you
> > know the dangers there are when someone has root on a box and can connect
> > to our nfs server...enough said there. The further dangers of having root
> > on our network which doesnt belong to us dont even need to be mentioned.
> Uhmm no. Using root_squash I'm not really aware of the danger of root
> connecting to your NFS server. As for users choosing arbitrary names, well
> they can also choose arbitrary IP's assuming your infrastructure isn't
> tightly locked down (which fromt he sounds of it it isn't). You may want to
> purchase the O'Reilly NIS/NFS book, it's quite good. Have you considered
> using the more advanced authentication available in NFS rather then the
> IP/user?
> Or to put it bluntly, if you are worried about security why are you using
> NFS?
> > Is this somehow possible or is there a more simple method for people with
> > their own notebooks in our network ?
> Yup. See above.
> > greets
> > AlanCB
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