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Kurt Seifried bugtraq at seifried.org
Mon Oct 22 18:26:55 EDT 2001

> Thankyou for your response(s)
> let me clarify the situation:
> In our network we have several hundred unix boxes all connected to our nfs
> server. These boxes are ours of course, only the sysadmins are root. No
> box is behind a firewall or in a vpn, all have a publicly assigned ip.
> Being a university, we have assistants, professors and doctorates who
> bring in their own laptops and need a net connection. Now I'm sure you
> know the dangers there are when someone has root on a box and can connect
> to our nfs server...enough said there. The further dangers of having root
> on our network which doesnt belong to us dont even need to be mentioned.

Uhmm no. Using root_squash I'm not really aware of the danger of root
connecting to your NFS server. As for users choosing arbitrary names, well
they can also choose arbitrary IP's assuming your infrastructure isn't
tightly locked down (which fromt he sounds of it it isn't). You may want to
purchase the O'Reilly NIS/NFS book, it's quite good. Have you considered
using the more advanced authentication available in NFS rather then the

Or to put it bluntly, if you are worried about security why are you using

> Is this somehow possible or is there a more simple method for people with
> their own notebooks in our network ?

Yup. See above.

> greets
> AlanCB

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