[vpn] Check-point IKE VPn problem...

Milan.Mithbaokar at lntinfotech.com Milan.Mithbaokar at lntinfotech.com
Tue Oct 16 02:26:37 EDT 2001

Hello ,

We are facing problems in setting  one of the VPN and following is the
problem description :

we are using Check-point Firewall with a centralised Mgmt module.
This VPN where we are facing problems is not having mgmt module.It just has
Firewall module
and the policies are pushed from the centralised mgmt module onto this
Firewall module.

we are setting up an IKE VPN with one of our clients.
This particular Firewall already has two more OKE Vpns and they seem to be
working fine but the
moment we start this VPN our other two VPN's also break down and apart from
this particular VPN also does not come up.

we have setup following rules for this VPN :

source F/W  destination F/w  encrypt
betwen encryption domains encrypt.

Any help on the same.

Thanks & regards
/ Milan

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