[vpn] VPN and MacIntosh

Stephen Chowning schowning at home.com
Fri Oct 12 13:53:48 EDT 2001

I am trying to decide on software/hardware to implement a Mac to Mac VPN
over two cable modem connections. I am trying to decide between a linux
software based solution and a Mac capable hardware solution. My biggest
area of concern is being able to negotiate an AppleTalk connection. The
Mac capable hardware vendors list AppleTalk ad-on software to make their
hardware AppleTalk friendly, thereby significantly increasing the
implementation costs. This makes the linux solution much more
attractive. But since I have never implemented a VPN of any kind, much
less an Mac to Mac, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience
with VPN for Macs and would be willing to advise me.

So could a linux solution negotiate an AppleTalk connection?

Steve Chowning

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