[vpn] VPN and firewall question

Igor Pronin proninig at saunalahti.fi
Tue Oct 9 13:02:39 EDT 2001

> I have cable modem connection at home and also use VPN provided by my
> company to dialin for work related stuff. Will the personal stuff on
my PC
> at home be protected by the company's firewall? And, will someone be
able to
> use my home PC to hack into the company network?

1) If _all_ of your communications goes (and comes) through company
firewall  you do not need a separate firewall. Why if there is already a

2) But if part of your communications goes (and comes) through an ISP -
and is thereby open to all kind of attacks etc you definitely need a
firewall (and don't forget antivirus software - that is a second must

The VPN is usually securing/crypting the communication between you and
your company if a cheap ISP is used to carry the communications. It does
not secure against port attacks, trojans, viruses etc from the outside

You have to understand the difference between

a) VPN
b) Firewall
c) Antivirus

> i.e. do I need to buy a
> firewall sftware and install at my home PC?
I would recommend that _your_company_ should do that to secure company

> Thanks
> Hari Kannan


Igor.Pronin at iki.fi

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