[vpn] VPN and firewall question

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I would recommend having a personal firewall and virus scanning installed on
your home computer even if the following two additional security precautions
are in place.

If your home computer ALWAYS goes through the corporate firewall for ALL
traffic then your home computer will generally be as safe as any computer
that resides within the corporate network (depending on the corporate
firewall and how it's setup to handle traffic between the VPN client and the
Internet).  This setup is sometimes referred to as exclusive gateway - the
corporate firewall is the client's one and only route for all traffic.

Some firewalls give the administrator the ability to do virus scanning and
perform other security precautions on the VPN traffic to and from the VPN


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I was hoping if someone would be able to answer this question.

I have cable modem connection at home and also use VPN provided by my 
company to dialin for work related stuff. Will the personal stuff on my PC 
at home be protected by the company's firewall? And, will someone be able to

use my home PC to hack into the company network? i.e. do I need to buy a 
firewall sftware and install at my home PC?


Hari Kannan

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