[vpn] VPN and firewall question

Stephen Chowning schowning at home.com
Tue Oct 9 11:35:57 EDT 2001

The work firewall will not protect the personal stuff on your PC. The VPN
connection should protect the data that you are exchanging with the work LAN.
As to whether someone could use your home PC to hack into the company network,
I would say that it is possible especially if you don't have a firewall on your
home PC. As to whether you "need" to buy firewall software, I would say that
you need to only if someone is going to try and hack your computer. Personally,
I would.


Hari Kannan wrote:

> Hi,
> I was hoping if someone would be able to answer this question.
> I have cable modem connection at home and also use VPN provided by my
> company to dialin for work related stuff. Will the personal stuff on my PC
> at home be protected by the company's firewall? And, will someone be able to
> use my home PC to hack into the company network? i.e. do I need to buy a
> firewall sftware and install at my home PC?
> Thanks
> Hari Kannan
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