[vpn] Newbie vpn question

Andy Lawrence AndrewL at ipuk.com
Mon Oct 8 05:43:17 EDT 2001

We have a SonicWall Pro VX which provides firewalling for our network
which is connected via a leased line. The firewall is doing NAT.

We have account managers dotted around the country and they can connect
to our network via vpn using some client software on their laptops and a
standard Internet dial up via modems. I have setup an account for them
on the Firewall with keys etc and this all works fine. 

We then wanted to expand this slightly and connect a remote office with
4-5 pcs. I started to experiment at the remote office using an (oldish)
Acc congo router to provide the Internet connection,but I couldn't get
it to work, although on the same machines if I used a modem connection
it did. Our firewall people have said that the Vpn and client software
was setup correctly and it might be that the router doesn't support
IPsec pass through. 

My question(s) (you knew it would arrive soon !) are thus:

Where can I find out more good information on this , so far I've looked
on the Internet and read conflicting information
How likely is it that a new router would support it and is it easy to
tell if it will
Is there a date before which routers are unlikely to have support built
in as it wasn't about
Anybody views on a good cheap router which will support Ipsec



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