[vpn] Assistance please?

Greg W. Gordon sysadmin at rckc.org
Thu Oct 4 11:43:08 EDT 2001


Thank you for responding to my query.

The two systems connect to the internet via a DSL connection over
TCP/IP.  Proxy has not been implemented.  This is a very small office
that only has two 98 machines that are connected together in a
workgroup.  I do not intend of using NAT.  The purpose for the tunnell
is so my consultant can dial in and periodically update a proprietary
database.  The server that the 98 machine will be connecting to is
running Proxy.  Your assistance is much appreciated.


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It is very important to know how these two separate systems connect to
the Internet (if that is the transport to be used for the data), i.e.
what Internet sharing has been implemented; Proxy Server etc, and
whether NAT (Network Address Translation) is used, and if the NAT can be
switched on or off.  Obviously, if a firewall is in place, as it should
be, then port 1723 and IP Protocol 47 have to be opened and enabled
through the firewall.


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Anyone willing to take pity on a newby?

I am a new member of this list and have a pretty basic question.  I
would appreciate any assistance you can give me. I am a sysadmin for
a non profit organization.  Would it be at all possible someone to
detail the steps of establishing a vpn between a 98 box with a DSL
connection and a 2000 server with a DSL connection?  The two respective
machines are in two different cities.  I do not need anything
complicated, just the basics.  I admit it, I am new and over my head.  
I appreciate all the help the list members can give me.

Greg W. Gordon
Systems Administrator
Recovery Centers of King County

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