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I believe what they may have been referring to is that only one ISAKMP can
be matched against the outside interface at one single point in time.

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Joel Snyder wrote:
> Folks:
> In case you hadn't seen it, Network World just published a review I did
> of 13 different VPN products, focusing on site-to-site and enterprise
> http://www.nwfusion.com/reviews/2001/1001rev.html
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I disagree with the assertion in the article that the Cisco products only
a single IKE policy to be configured.  Both IOS and the PIX allow multiple
isakmp policy clauses, and it's not very hard to figure that out.  If the
doing the testing missed something this obvious when configuring the Cisco
it makes me wonder how much else they might have missed.  Because of this, I
have serious doubts about the credibility of the testers and their results.


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