[vpn] Question regarding Lucent/Cisco VPN client

Soumya Munshi smunshi at lucent.com
Thu Nov 15 16:51:43 EST 2001


I have written an NDIS protocol driver that captures packet from underlying
adapters by binding to those adapters on a Windows 2000 machine. I am
testing my product on machines with Lucent IPSec or Cisco VPN client
installed, because by binding to these virtual VPN Miniport adapters I
should be able to capture the unencrypted packets before they are encrypted.
But I am not being able to bind to any of these adapters. I am passing the
name exported by these adapters in the registry but the NdisOpenAdapter call
returns an error saying that the name is not recognized. Is there any
specific reason why this should happen ? Doing the same process works for
Intel Shiva VPN client.

Soumya Munshi
Lucent Technologies.

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