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  I suppose it's still true that non-robust database implementations can
become corrupted if the system goes down in the midst of an update.

  I can't, however, see any reason that the use of VPN technology in the
network would change this in the slightest, either negatively or, for that
matter, positively.

  Use of VPN technology *might* affect the robustness of the remote
connection, changing (in either direction) the odds that a given transaction
will be entirely received successfully on any given attempt.  But if your
database starts to commit changes before the complete transaction is
received at the host, this is a database implementation flaw and not a
recommendation for or against various communications technologies.

  Perhaps what the vendor was referring to was some other TLA (3-letter

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> I was just reading through your website and just getting my feet wet with
> regards to VPN. Do you happen to know if a database gets corrupted with
> use of VPN if one is in the middle of a session and the system goes down?
> heard this from my manager who was present at a vendor presention and
> just like to find out its validity.
> Any information you may have with regards to this would be of help.
> Claribel R. Balance

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