VPN costs savings

Sandy Harris sandy at STORM.CA
Mon Jan 29 21:41:38 EST 2001

Nick v d Walt wrote:
> Two Sides of the spectrum.
> Security - Less secure than a point to point Leased line system as you are
> dealing in a public domain.

How hard is tapping that leased line or subverting one of the switches? If
it is easy, then a VPN, even over the insecure Internet, gives a huge security

> Triple DES is not allowed in all countries across the world

There's some restriction on export, especially from the US, and there may be
some countries I'm not up to date on, but I don't believe your statement.
Can you give examples?

A quick check at the standard reference on international crypto law:


turned up very few such controls.

Only China, Pakistan and the former USSR are shown on his maps:


as having tight domestic usage controls.

> - resulting in using single des............drop in security.

Single DES is insecure:

> It all depends on how you look at it. I am an IT Manager for the Eastern
> Hemisphere of an international organisation, and yes the reduction of
> quarterly payments was the deciding factor. But then again i am only saving
> about $5k per quarter at some locations.
> Playing Devils Advocate a bit.
> Either way, VPN is a winner.

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