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Scott C. Best sbest at BEST.COM
Mon Jan 29 16:02:12 EST 2001

	Heyaz. Since devil's-advocating is alive and well, I
though I'd contribute. :)

> Chris Carlson wrote:
> >
> >
> > So, yes.  Everyone loves VPNs.  Providers love them
> > because they sell more circuits.  Vendors love them
> > because they sell more VPN boxes and software.  IT
> > Managers love them because they reduce WAN and remote
> > access costs.  Every dollar saved on
> > telecommunications costs goes right down to the bottom
> > line as profit!

	Well...some providers of @Home residential CM service
stand as an exception. For instance, Comcast at Home has their
Subscriber Agreement here:


	Down in section 6.b.viii it reads: "Customer
agrees not to uses the service...in conjunction with
a VPN or a VPN tunneling protocol".

	Well, okay, they're not *against* VPNs, but they do
appear to be against not charging you extra for them. :)


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