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Chris Carlson carlsonmail at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jan 29 17:01:45 EST 2001

A quick comment on Nick's note about encryption

Don't be pigeon-holed into U.S. VPN products.  There
are many very good Canadian, European, Asian, or
Australian VPN vendors that are limited by the U.S.
Commerce Department export restriction.

The IDEA algorithm is 128-bit and Swiss developed (I
think ASCOM holds the license), and I think 256-bit
CAST was developed by a Canadian company.  I think
even Sun purchased Elvis, a Russian encryption

If you're looking at non-U.S. encryption use, then
look at non-U.S. vendors.

As for the VPN vs. private WAN comments, I disagree.
I feel that any "decent" VPN system on a private IP
backbone (UUNET, Sprint, XO, Equant, etc.) even if it
carries general Internet traffic is much more secure
than unencrypted point-to-point circuits.


--- Nick v d Walt <nick at VDWALT.COM> wrote:
> Two Sides of the spectrum.
> Security - Less secure than a point to point Leased
> line system as you are
> dealing in a public domain. Triple DES is not
> allowed in all countries
> across the world - resulting in using single
> des............drop in
> security.
> It all depends on how you look at it. I am an IT
> Manager for the Eastern
> Hemisphere of an international organisation, and yes
> the reduction of
> quarterly payments was the deciding factor. But then
> again i am only saving
> about $5k per quarter at some locations.
> Playing Devils Advocate a bit.
> Either way, VPN is a winner.
> Cheers
> Nick

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