vpn on NT4, well almost!

Chinnery Paul PaulC at MMCWM.COM
Thu Jan 25 13:04:50 EST 2001

A couple of things to check:

Verify that the service pack rev is the same on both server and w/s.
Just to clarify: are you trying to log on to the domain or just locally to
PPTP server?

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Subject: vpn on NT4, well almost!


I'm setting up VPN in both windows NT4 and 2000 using RRAS and PPTP.

So far I can "call" the VPN server over the internet, then login with a
username and password to a local account on the vpn server.

BUT then I get a timeout  in 60 seconds or so  while "registering on/with
the network" is displayed at the workstation.

The event log on the server says the workstation disconnected but gives no
indication of an error condition?

Tracing the network traffic with Microsoft's netmon2, is see a configuration
dialog of some kind underway and repeating until the timeout induced end.

So anyone been here, resolved this? All Suggestions welcome, (except any
regarding alternates to Microsoft as a vendor/ technology provider!!!)


  Jim Christophersen
  Rockville School District
  Rockville Centre, NY 11570

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