Interoperability betwen contivity 1500 & Lucent Firewall Brick 201

Franci Jereb franci.jereb at MIBO.SI
Thu Jan 25 10:04:17 EST 2001


one of our clients would like to implement VPN (IPsec) conection.
On one side they have  Lucent Firewall Brick 201 and on the other
side we would like to implement Contivity 1500. Does anybody
have any experience in this implementation. Also interoperability
between Instant Internet 100  and  Lucent Firewall Brick 201 is very
interesting. Anybody have any clue? Did somebody heard anything
about this type of implementation?

Best regards,

Franci Jereb
System engineer
MIBO Komunikacije
Phone: + 386 1 47 35 300
Fax: + 386 1 47 35 323

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