What's the best VPN for remote users?

Lauziere, Thomas TLauziere at GOULSTONSTORRS.COM
Thu Jan 25 09:35:47 EST 2001

Here's my question,

I need a VPN connection for my remote users that prompts them to log in when
they activate the client.  We currently use the Cisco Secure Client
connecting through a PIX firewall. This works fine for it's intended use
which I think is a site to site  continuous VPN connection. My problem is my
remote users, they want to be able to activate the VPN client on demand,
have it prompt them to "log in" to the network, and be able to work as if
they were here in the building.

	So, what I'm asking is, what's the best setup for remote users so
they can get more than just the "established tunnel" that the Cisco Secure
Client limits us to.

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