ADSL to build VPN

Jose Muniz MuniX-1 at PACBELL.NET
Thu Jan 25 00:33:43 EST 2001

ADSL, well it will work OK while pulling files.. get a T1 if mission
On the other hand the big problem that you have is the fun of playing
double NAT
I love it but it sucks.
Renumber you will have to do this soon or latter this is a great excuse
to renumber and do things right.



Don't forget RENUMBER  NOW..

> Clayton Nash wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've a client who's looking at using ADSL as their connection to the
> Internet from two remote offices upon which they want to build a VPN
> using Cisco Routers. Is there any implication in using ADSL -- will I
> get bitten by the asynchronous speeds for example?
> The other issue that's come up is that they have managed to use the
> same addresses at both offices (192.168.0.x) and cannot change either
> easily. What issues will I face doing NAT and still allowing things
> like NT drive shares and remote DB access over such a link?
> Any comments appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Clayton

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