Cisco/Altega VPN Concentrator and IPSec/udp/nat

Pete Davis pete at ETHER.NET
Wed Jan 24 20:28:05 EST 2001

You shouldn't need to configure anything on the Client side. You configure it
in the GROUP in the VPN 3K and that will cause all users for that group to
use IPsec/UDP. If you want to override this on the client, you can do so by
unselecting the Allow IPsec/UDP checkbox on the Client.

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On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 11:31:16PM -0000, Hörður Már Gestsson wrote:
> Has anyone tried the IPSec/nat/udp feature in the Cisco 3000 series VPN
> Concentrator.  The documents that came with it had some info on how to set
> it up on the server side, but none on how to configure it on the client
> side.  At home I have a ZyXel 321 xDSL/Cable router that is doing the nat
> for my home lan.  Any info on how to configure my router and IPSec client?
> Maybe some settings that have to be set on the Concentrator for it to work?
> Thanks in advance.
> Hörður
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