VPN costs savings

Venicio Vilas-Bôas venicio_boas at BR.SCHINDLER.COM
Tue Jan 23 13:16:36 EST 2001

Dear ladies and gentlemen

    I would like to put a most important subject about VPN. It is not
technique. The question is:

How much we cost savings when we implement a VPN in a specific project? Are
there a consecration methodology for calculate this return ?

For me, and for almost people who will implement VPN it is the most
important subject. If we are  able to show this return (ROI) for your
stakeholders and being this return expressive, we will carry on your VPNs
projects. It is a good point where begining. We need to sell VPN projects
before anything.


Venicio Boas
Information Security Officer /KG-Brasil
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Atlas Schindler

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