Update on VPNCON (Feb 19-22, San Jose)

Joel M Snyder Joel.Snyder at OPUS1.COM
Mon Jan 22 11:50:52 EST 2001

Here is an update about VPNCON, the VPN-focused conference, to be held
in San Jose, February 19-22.  I'm the semi-paid/mostly-volunteer
conference director and in charge of bringing the "content" part of the
show to you.

This conference is aimed at:
	- technical people who want to know more about VPNs,
		IPSEC, networking technology behind VPNs,
		and the products and services available
	- managers who want to know how to design and integrate
		VPNs into their existing networks, and how to
		deploy VPNs to their remote users
	- decision makers who want to know how VPNs can be used
		in real organizations

To support that, VPNCON San Jose has:

	- two tutorials on Monday.  IPSEC basics & VPN design (presented by
		Jan Trumbo of Opus One) and PKI (presented by Stephen Kent
		and Charlie Birnbaum)

	- three tracks of sessions: technical and detailed technology
		information; business issues and VPN deployment; and
		real-world case studies.   There are over 30 sessions to
		choose from

	- four "Hands On VPN" seminars to walk you through real equipment
		in-your-face implementations of VPNs (led by VPNet,
		NetScreen/Verisign, IPDynamics, and EICON networks)

	- tutorial on Thursday on "Network Security and Firewalls"
		presented by Global Knowledge Network

	- keynote speech by Jawad Khaki of Microsoft

	- extensive exhibit hall with every leading VPN vendor showing
		their stuff.  No better way to see all the VPN products
		under one roof.

	- after session events each evening for networking with peers

Full conference info and registration via the VPNCON web page is at:


Mention the SecurityFocus discount (discount code 103) and you can get
the early bird registration price for another week (ends 1/29/01).


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