Possiblities to build VPN's to connect different company LANs(Intranet VPN)

Jose Muniz MuniX-1 at PACBELL.NET
Wed Jan 17 23:33:50 EST 2001

The best advise that I can give you is that the prep before your
global VPN is deployed you need to make sure that the CIDR blocks that
you or have
assigned to diferent geographical regeons makes scense...
Basically no /16 to 100 people offices and stuff like that.
Then it will be a lot easyer to summarize routes throughout the
The VPN portion is eassy if the infra is well designed.

Jose Muniz.

Isabel Schmitt wrote:
> Hello everybody !
> It's really difficult to get an overview about the different concepts of VPNs.
> Who can tell me, if there is a general structuring of VPNs.
> What are the different possiblities of Intranet-VPNs to connect different parts of a company.
> Thanks in Advance
> IS
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