Costs for CiscoVPN

Sandy Harris sandy at STORM.CA
Mon Jan 15 18:36:05 EST 2001

gecko wrote:
> I just talked to the person that sold me the 2600, and he is telling me
> that it will cost 1000 bucks to get the feature set.
> Is this right?  I was thinking that since I already have the router, it
> would be a little cheaper to add somehting like the 3DES.

Linux FreeS/WAN is free for download, as are IPSEC
implementations for OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD ( or or

Your cost to do an IPSEC VPN server this way is a PC (possibly an
older surplus system, depending on your net loads) with two net cards,
plus a few bucks for a CD distribution if you don't want to tackle a
network OS install.

Some CD distributions (not all, thanks to various export laws) come with
IPSEC built in. OpenBSD is one; I'm not sure about the other *BSDs. For
Linux, see the list at:

Another alternative might be to use Windows 2000 Server to do your IPSEC.
That might cost more than the Cisco solution, but it might have other
uses in your environment.

Or if you have a firewall in place, talk to that vendor about IPSEC.
Most firewall vendors offer some sort of VPN product, often based on
IPSEC. If you don't have a firewall, consider getting one.

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