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Gary Maltzen maltzen at MM.COM
Fri Jan 12 17:31:20 EST 2001

The following table describes support for various features in the 2600 IOS
12.1 software.


In particular, VPN Tunnel is supported in IOS featuresets

  CD26-B-12.1.3 ---- IP/IPX/AT        (c2600-d-mz.121-3.T1)
  CD26-BP-12.1.3 --- IP/IPX/AT Plus   (c2600-ds-mz.121-3.T1)
  CD26-AP-12.1.3 --- Enterprise Plus  (c2600-js-mz.121-3.T1)

If you have an earlier version of IOS then you will have to look at a
different table.

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From: "Baumgardner, James" <gecko at MOSTLYGIZZARDS.COM>

> I recently bought a Cisco 2600.  It does not appear to support VPN, but I
> thought it did.  When I type crypto, it does not recognize it.
> I'm thinking I should have paid more attention when I bought it.
> Any suggestions?

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