VPN, Cisco style

Longar, Dennis dlongar at IBSYS.COM
Thu Jan 11 14:09:37 EST 2001

You need a different version of the Cisco IOS.

I have the Cisco FW Plus IOS on my 2600's and crypto
does work, but when the routers shipped to me from my
vendor they didn't come with the FW software installed,
it came in a separate software bundle inside the box.

I don't think you have to get the FW software for Crypto
support, but you may have to look on line at Cisco for
releases that support it.  I doubt it would come with the
Base IP IOS, so there may be a nominal charge to upgrade.



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> Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 12:22 PM
> Subject: VPN, Cisco style
> I recently bought a Cisco 2600.  It does not appear to
> support VPN, but I
> thought it did.  When I type crypto, it does not recognize it.
> I'm thinking I should have paid more attention when I bought it.
> Any suggestions?
> Jim
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