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Carl Friedberg friedberg at EXS.ESB.COM
Thu Jan 11 01:58:27 EST 2001

This sounds utterly impossible (6 weeks). If you have a consulting firm that
will do it with a time-penalty clause, I'd go with that, with 1 year of
maintenance it might be worth it. Make sure there's a clear way to get out
of the contract after some period of time like a year. By the end of the
year, you'll know a lot more than you do now :-)

How in hell can anyone order DSL lines now and get them installed AND
WORKING by March 1st? The last T1 we ordered in NYC area was impacted by the
Verizon strike, ordered in April, working in October, told ATT it was
working end of November... maybe Chicago is much faster on T1's...

Just learning how to set up proper routes and ACL's in your border routers
is gonna make your head spin if you haven't done this before. Firewalls and
VPN is an order of magnitude worse...

Carl Friedberg
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Subject: New VPN Installation

Greetings All.

I am a new member of the list, I have been in IT management for @15

I have read the Faq and some of the How to's on the web page and I'm
still swimming a little bit.  I think I understand some of the basics
but actually getting started seems difficult for me.

I have a March 1st deadline for VPN connectivity to corporate from @15+
buildings (3-10 users per building) There are also remote user

We have an agreement for T1 lines to the internet for almost all of the
buildings and a couple will use DSL.

My firm has a very strong bottom line ethic they absolutely want the
cheapest.  Me, I want the easiest.

After reading stuff here and elswhere, I don't think I can leap into
Linux - I know nothing about it. A hardware solutions seems to be the
easiest.  I have spoken to one consulting firm, however they apparently
aren't willing to buy the routers for me set them up and leave. They
want a monthly per user per building fee.

What I'm really looking for is a consulting company in Chicago that will
help me implement the corporate side and teach me to implement the
building side then go away.  (Anybody know someone like that?)

Alternatively, I need a fast track learning solution so that I can do it

Questions for this group:
1. am I dreaming, is this not learnable in the amount of time given?
2. Is a monthly fee prettty standard even if your not leasing equipment
or T1 lines?
3. Is this an inappropriate posting for the list?

Randy Burgess
celusil at

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