Cisco 3000 (Altiga) Win2K client?

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I have from Cisco that March 5th is the release date for the W2k VPN 3000

At 02:28 PM 1/10/01 -0800, David Gillett wrote:
>   I seem to recall that a lot of posters had heard rumours of this around
>Oct-Nov last year.  Nobody seemed to be able to get a date from any Cisco
>employee, but a VAR I talked to told me he expected it to be out of beta
>around Nov 15th/2000.
>   Well, here we are Jan/2001, and the volume of 2000 users wanting to
>connect to our 3000 is growing.  Has anyone heard anything since November?
>   Alternatively, has anyone gotten this to work with the native Win2K IPSEC
>stuff?  Something in the release notes made me think it relied on Active
>Directory, but I'm hoping I misunderstood that bit.
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