Cisco 3000 (Altiga) Win2K client?

David Gillett dgillett at NIKU.COM
Wed Jan 10 17:28:02 EST 2001

  I seem to recall that a lot of posters had heard rumours of this around
Oct-Nov last year.  Nobody seemed to be able to get a date from any Cisco
employee, but a VAR I talked to told me he expected it to be out of beta
around Nov 15th/2000.
  Well, here we are Jan/2001, and the volume of 2000 users wanting to
connect to our 3000 is growing.  Has anyone heard anything since November?

  Alternatively, has anyone gotten this to work with the native Win2K IPSEC
stuff?  Something in the release notes made me think it relied on Active
Directory, but I'm hoping I misunderstood that bit.

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