Wed Jan 10 04:31:32 EST 2001


i want some information
i have some probleme with a vpn solution
i have a site A with a SOHO TC (private address on trusted port (172.X.X.X)
private address on wan port (
this soho is connected to a routeur cisco RNIS (private address on lan port
( address ip negotiated with ISP on my wan port)
my soho tc is not visible on internet i use nat on my cisco routeur i can
ping my routeur cisco
i have a site B with a Firebox 2 connected with a connection TURBO DSL my
address firebox is visible on internet
i can open a connection with a client vpn mobile user
but my site A with the soho tc can't open a vpn connection because my router
cisco use NAT or PORT MAPPING

have you a solution to resolve my big mistake

thank s for your response

	franck S
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