[scalability] ssh vs vpn solution

Troy Bixby tbixby at SUN.TWLIGHT.NET
Mon Jan 8 14:40:18 EST 2001


I have an X based application running on a Sparc Blade 1000 and I will ultimately
need to let 30-40 people run this application on this system and export X remotely
from the internet.  Initial test of this with a handful of people have been very
successful and the use of ssh simplifys things as only tcp port 22 needs to be
allowed through the firewall and provides security.

I am concerned (and am requesting input) on how well Secure Shell will scale up
and if I should start looking for some type of vpn solution now.  Understand,
I only need to export X from one application and I am not providing a large
suite of applications.

My big concern with a vpn solution is most I have encountered are centered around
legacy m$ code on the client end.  My end users have Solaris (both sparc and x86)
, linux and also a couple of MacOS systems (with an X server loaded).

Thanks for any positive inputs, I will post a summary.


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