Baumgardner, James gecko at MOSTLYGIZZARDS.COM
Mon Jan 8 13:15:44 EST 2001

Well, all, I'm looking to use OBSD 2.8 to be our main office, and probably
the same for two small branch offices.  Our mobiles number about 5, but
then there's me, my boss and the occasional person who is sick and wants
to work from home.  I like PGPNet for the client, so I think I'll use it.
I'll read up on the secureops link, and depending on how I fare, I'll let
everyone know. Thanks


On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Pat Ethier wrote:

> Hi James,
>  There is a slightly outdated sample configuration at
> The instructions are posted using Axent's
> RaptorMobile. You can use any VPN client that supports AGGRESSIVE mode to
> establish the connections. PGPNet (NAI) just released their latest version
> which finally supports AGGRESSIVE mode.
> Let me know if you need help, and if you run into OBSD specific problems either
> post straight to me or to misc at The people on those lists are more
> likely to be of help (Not to say that people on this list are not helpful...:-)
> Regards,
> Patrick Ethier
> patrick at
> On 06-Jan-01 Baumgardner, James wrote:
> > I'm wanting to setup a VPN to connect my main office to 2 smaller branch
> > ofices.  I'm going to use OpenBSD to connect them, but I am at a loss on
> > how to allow individual dial-up people in the field to connect to the VPN.
> > Can anyone recommend a good client software, and some help on configuring
> > the server side to allow connections?  I've read up enough to do the
> > static connections, but can't seem to figure out the others.
> >
> > Jim Baumgardner
> >
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