VPNet compatibility: VSU-10 and VSU-100

Renuka Tankhiwale Renuka at VPNET.COM
Mon Jan 8 13:14:58 EST 2001

In terms of IPSec, yes they are compatible.
However, for having same management platform you will have to upgrade VSU-10
to VSU-10E(memory upgrade) and then manage both of them through VPNmanager
3.0. OR
Since they are IPSec compatible, you can use VSU-10 as an extranet device.
However we strongly recommend upgrading the system due to ease in the
management with 3.0.
Renuka Tankhiwale
Associate Product Manager
VPNet Technologies
Ph: 408 404 1446
email: renuka at vpnet.com

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Subject: VPNet compatibility: VSU-10 and VSU-100


I have a question about compatibility between VPNet's
products. Does anyone know if the VSU-10 (v2.51) and
the VSU-100 are compatible in terms of IPsec and

The reason for asking is because my company wants to
upgrade an existing VPNet system.



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