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I am doing at my house exactly what you want to be doing, except across a
cable modem instead of a DSL connection (and that difference is not likely

The first question has already been asked - what is providing the NAT/PAT
function in your system?  Presumably, it is your home computer, but that it
not clear yet (for example, I am using Win 98 with Internet Connection
Sharing enabled).

When you plug up your laptop, do you at least have Internet access (prior to
launching the Altiga client)?  If not, solve that problem first, and you may
not have any problem.

If you have Internet access, you will need to enable "IPSec over NAT", as
was previously described (assuming you are using IPSec - the Altiga also
supports PPTP).  This needs to be enabled in the client and the

Do you have a firewall in place?  If so, the previous reply regarding the
ports and protocols used (for either IPSec or PPTP) need to be allowed
through.  If you do not have a firewall in place (on or before your home
computer), I would recommend that you get one (which can be as inexpensive
as free for non-commercial users of software firewalls).

And btw, there are some potential conflicts between the Altiga client and
some popular PPPoE drivers (often used in ADSL deployments), but since you
are not talking about running the Altiga client on the home computer, I
doubt this issue is relevent.

Good Luck,
Kent Dallas

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Thank You for putting up this site!  However, I am still running into a
problem.  Here is the situation.  I am trying to get my work laptop to
connect into my work server via DSL connection.  I have VPN at work.  They
currently use Altiga.
I have DSL at home.   I have a single IP address assigned to me by my ISP.
My computer has 2 NIC cards.   The DSL modem is connected to one card.  And
the other is connected to a hub.  I would like to be able to connect my work
laptop straight into the hub and have it run to my work server.  I am able
to get into the work server through the VPN software by dial up only, but
have no success in getting through via the hub at home/DSL.  I believe my
computer is preventing the VPN tunneling to work properly.  I have already
tried repeatedly with my IT guys from work to get it to work.  However, it
appears that they are not knowledgeable enough to help me.  Do I need to
setup another Network connection for my home computer???  Do I need to make
some adjustments on my laptop???  Please assist me in any way you can.

This is my schematic:

DSL modem --->  Home Computer --->  HUB --->  2nd computer

This is what I would like to do....

Be able to plug my laptop (VPN Software installed and working properly) into
the hub and connected to work.

Thank You,
Simon V. Wong
email:  simon at pachuka.com

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VPN is sponsored by SecurityFocus.COM

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