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Gowri Shankar Bhogisetty gowrishankar.setty at WIPRO.COM
Mon Jan 1 01:15:03 EST 2001


Need help for the following query.

One of client is issued Bay VPN client software to connect to there servers. We were using Check Point Firewall at our end.

All the VPN clients which are in private network  has to pass through the checkpoint firewall ,the firewall will change the sourse address to public address (basically NAT). with this kind of function will Bay VPN client establishes the secure connection to the client.

On Checkpoint firewall can i specify one public address for the range of Bay Vpn clients while performing NAT?

Please advise me How can establish the Bay VPN client connectivity through the CheckPoint,what are all needs to be taken care.

Thanks and Refgards,

Gowri Shankar
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