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  The answers I'd give to these questions depend on whether we're talking
about VPN as a WAN technology (VPN between sites instead of
Frame/ATM/dedicated links) or as a remote user technology (VPN from ISP
dialup/DSL/cable-modem back to main office).  It's possible to use the same
vendor for both, of course, but we didn't, and the issues involved tend to
be different as well.

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Hi All,

I'm a Network Administrator with Abitibi-Consolidated, Inc. in their Grand
Falls, Newfoundland division.  Abitibi-Consilidated, Inc. is a large
multi-national paper manufacturer with many divisions (mostly in Canada and
United States) and sales offices located in many places world wide.

We are in the preliminary stages of testing and setting up a VPN for the
corporation. As part of this process we are asking other people who may have
setup VPN for their company about their experiences.

I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a few questions for me?

1.   What vendor did you use?
2.   Why did you choose this vendor?
3.   How many access points do you have?
4.   What were your experiences? ie. problems, gotchas etc.
5.   What would you differently if you had to do this project again?
6.   Any other advice you may have?

Once again, thanks for any information/advice that any of you may be willing

Also, this is my first post to this listserv, so please forgive me if I've
something wrong.


Rick Bursey
Abiti-Consolidated, Inc.
Grand Falls Division
Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland
A2A 1K1

phone:    709 292-3243
fax  709 489-6119

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VPN is sponsored by SecurityFocus.COM

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