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Tom McHugh TomM at spectrum-systems.com
Mon Dec 31 09:25:42 EST 2001

my company resells a vpn product line (netscreen) that can do the job well,
but whatever solution you go for, make sure to encourage them to put
firewall software on the remote users' computers!

additionally, they may want to consider vpn-connecting all the offices
instead of maintaining lease lines.  each office would have its own 'net
link, and the vpns can be configured to allow access between the sites,
using the main office as a communications hub or using a web-like layout.

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> From: Hayyan Alsayyed [mailto:hayyan at arab.net.sa]
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> Subject: [vpn] Simple Scenario
> Hi,
> There is a company with many branches, connected via leased 
> lines so they
> have a fixed IP addresses. Secondly they have 12 mobile users 
> and they need
> a secure channel to access some information (unkown) in their 
> own LAN . So
> they want a VPN server (as a secure gateway) installed in 
> their main office
> .
> Can you pleaze suggest a solution
> Is there any one who know about eTrust (CA) VPN software
> (http://www.ca.com), and whether its applicable in this scenario?
> Thanks for help
> Hayyan
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